Over the wall

As metal has become generational, many people have taken their love of the music with them to the halls of power. It says a lot that they still […]

Metal as therapy

Smart kids realize that the world around them is mostly full of shit. Metal is increasingly recognized as a healthy outlet for the intelligent, and consequently frustrated, youth […]

Proof of concept

More and more, previously defiant music cultures become accepted and integrated by the status quo. The question shouldn’t be if Hessians will have their day, but when? “Hiphop’s […]

The power of hair

From the days of Samson, long hair has been more than just a fashion statement. Many a hessian has been left forlorn and confused after chopping off his […]

Metal inspires ideas

One of the hallmarks of metal music is the way it fosters creativity in other arenas. Hessians are often inspired to kill two birds with one stone by […]

The rules of engagement

You’ll notice that comments are not available on this site. HAIL is designed to share and cultivate ideas, but any idea worth having should require at least an […]

Hessians stand apart

Metal continues to be misunderstood, despite its wide cross-cultural appeal. Hessians do things their way, popular opinion be damned. This is what we have in common, regardless of […]

Why we fight

Most Hessians perceive that the modern world is headed for disaster. Who wouldn’t be anxious? An analysis of 551 college students found “significantly higher levels of anxiety and […]